The Bonds, The Bonds – Don’t forget the Bonds!

Yes, it is true. Those bonds need your votes too. However you decide to vote on them, just please vote. For those of you have early voted, you know that it is a very long ballot and requires much “spinning” of the dial. Of course, if you vote straight ticket, … Continue Reading →

The Metro Referendum

For months now, we have been posting about the bond elections on the ballot. Today, we focus on the confusing Metro referendum. What is it exactly that you are being ask to vote on regarding Metro? This ballot item is probably the most “insider” game question as well. Many years … Continue Reading →

Bonds, Bonds & Referendum, too

We’ve been writing about potential bond elections on this Blog since early this year. While we were on vacation, 3 entities adopted ballot language asking the voters to approve bonds. Houston ISD is seeking the most with a bond request of $1.9 billion. Gulp. That is a lot of money, … Continue Reading →

Bonds, Bonds, Everywhere Bonds – Part II

During the spring, this blogger let you know that bonds were high on the agenda for multiple local governmental entities. Now, we are moving closer to reality. HISD publicly floated their bond consideration in the news this week while Metro has truly stepped up their game. HISD reported on what … Continue Reading →


Lots of discussion centers around how to make the Houston “region” better and more cohesive. Any one unit of the region standing alone is not as strong as the cumulative area. We do have some government operations that function regionally. The Port of Houston and Metro are two examples. The … Continue Reading →

Bonds, Bonds, Everywhere a Bond

Last week, we pondered the national effect of a Obama/Romney Presidential election and how voter turnout might respond. Civic leaders in the Houston region seem to think voter turnout will be higher and that makes for a good time to put bonds on the ballot. Metro, the City of Houston, … Continue Reading →

What have you people been doing?

I’m back from my sojourn to the cool, misty island of Ireland and I am a bit befuddled. What has been up with you people while I’ve been gone? I come home to find the Governor really is running for President, the head of Metro did what?, and the red … Continue Reading →

Metro and Redistricting

The Houston Chronicle has an article about potential expansion of the Board of Directors of Metro due to population changes. This is another discussion related to redistricting. Population changes brought about by the 2010 Census will affect so much of our governing structures that we are only beginning to grasp … Continue Reading →