The Accident

2016 started off with a bang. We ate lots of Black-eyed peas and cabbage to kick-off the year.

Things were flying in January. I was working hard, eating healthier, and working new business. Lily was participating in debate and doing well at school in the second half of her Freshman year in high school.

Then, on January 29, I went to pick Lily up from a debate tournament. I tripped over an unmarked speed hump in the school’s parking lot and landed very hard. I had a concussion, bit through my lips, a black-eye and most importantly, a shattered right arm. In the word of the paramedics that arrived after someone called 9-1-1, “that arm is deformed.”

In fact, a part of the elbow shattered and a bone that was connected to the elbow shattered. Within days, I had major surgery to repair my arm. For much of this spring, I have been limping along with my arm. Writing has been challenging – either by hand (barely impossible) and typing. I can now comfortably type for short periods of time.

The wonders of Occupational Therapy and amazing medical care have helped me to heal better than most. My doc keeps telling me that I’m about 3 months ahead of where she expected  me to be. I keep telling her I’m an over-achiever and will be as best as the healing process allows. Count me blessed.

It’s not completely healed and will not likely be fully recovered for over a year. That’s o.k.. I’m functioning and back to writing.

There are too many things happening in the political world for me to lose my voice any longer. While I was down, prohibited from driving and not doing much at all, I spent some time watching politics on the news and primary debates. While it is a bit of a blur, I had some fun and spent time yelling at the television.

So, just an update to say I’m back and will be once again regaling you all with my take on the political world.

Stay tuned.



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