Farewll Mayor Bob


Many people have had so much to say about former Houston Mayor Bob Lanier. Much has been shared that has been touching and kind. I just feel the need to share my own perspective. I first met Bob Lanier in the “smoke-filled” rooms when I worked for powerful leaders of Texas. I was often the […]

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Uh Oh – I encounter Voter ID

voter id

While the voter ID debate has been raging for the last several years, I have said little about it. Personally, I don’t think we even need voter registration but should instead throw open the polls and allow the people to vote. But, the voter ID debate has been a shoulder shrug for the most part. […]

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Representative Democracy


The definition of “democracy” is simple: “a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.” The whole population is the key phrase here. In America, we have the right to vote. We select our representatives. I’m astounded at how many people refer to “them” […]

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2014 Count Down – $$$$


We are in the final countdown to the voters of Texas selecting new statewide leaders. The Texas Secretary of State has a nice countdown calendar. Click here to view. From the beginning of the cycle, it has seemed as though most pundits, business leaders and even many voters consider the outcome of the election a […]

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Time To Talk Houston – Mayor’s Race – The “Announced” Candidates

city hall

On Monday, we laid out our initial thoughts and historical patterns on the Houston Mayor’s race for 2015. Today, we’ll look at those candidates that have given an indication they are seriously considering a run for the office or have already announced. The “announced” or “expected” candidates include Chris Bell, Steve Costello, Oliver Pennington and […]

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