Flooding = More Potholes

The electorate is worked up about flooding and it is clearly an important issue in the 2015 Mayoral elections. Flooding in political parlance refers to “drainage.” The streets are flooding because water does not have anywhere to go. Those better building standards, drainage and public infrastructure projects will improve the potential of flooding. The issue […]

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In Memory of My Dad


My sweet Dad gave up his valiant fight for life on Monday, January 19. Of course, an official obituary will run in the paper on Sunday but it is just so stiff. It’s hard to capture a life in the stiff, formal manner of obituaries so I thought I would share some thoughts on here. […]

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2015 – A Year of Politics


Welcome to 2015! Lest you thought you might get a respite from politics, WRONG! This is especially true if you live in Texas and/or Houston. In just a few days, a new Republican-controlled House and Senate convene to govern our country alongside a Democratic president. Frankly, there is not likely to be much governing going […]

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Farewell Mayor Bob


Many people have had so much to say about former Houston Mayor Bob Lanier. Much has been shared that has been touching and kind. I just feel the need to share my own perspective. I first met Bob Lanier in the “smoke-filled” rooms when I worked for powerful leaders of Texas. I was often the […]

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Uh Oh – I encounter Voter ID

voter id

While the voter ID debate has been raging for the last several years, I have said little about it. Personally, I don’t think we even need voter registration but should instead throw open the polls and allow the people to vote. But, the voter ID debate has been a shoulder shrug for the most part. […]

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