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Sine Die!!!! Just Kidding……..

Just when we thought it was actually over and we could exhale our collective breath, the Governor called the Texas Legislature back into Session. For the first time in several Sessions, the Legislature got along a little better this year.  They worked together to address some of the major issues … Continue Reading →

New Hampshire Has Spoken

New Hampshire held the first official Primary of the year yesterday. Iowa is actually a “caucus” state so it is not considered a technical, in-person voting primary. New Hampshire voters are rugged and independent for the most part and tend to be a bit more moderate than most other states. … Continue Reading →


Today the Supreme Court considers the case of Texas Redistricting. Which maps will they choose? Or, will they throw even more confusion into the process? The Legislature drew a set of maps and adopted them during the Legislative session. A San Antonio Federal Court ruled that those maps were not … Continue Reading →

Welcome to 2012!

2012 will be a big year in politics. Presidential election years always stand apart as the most exciting time frame in American politics. The President of the United States is the one office that unites, or divides, the entire country. From New York to California, all Americans will have the … Continue Reading →

Election 2012: Chaos

Attention Texans: This is a memo from the U.S. Court System. We understand that your State Constitution requires you to hold an election in 2012. You brought this to our attention via multiple lawsuits over maps drawn by the Texas Legislature in 2011. We know that it is a Federal … Continue Reading →

Redistricting and Debt Discussions

Debt discussions continue in Washington D.C. The left and the right battle each other with little common ground. The right offers solutions that will punish and politically damage the President while the left insists upon protecting “sacred cow” programs. They continue to sit at the same table and negotiate with … Continue Reading →

Redistricting Kills Two Party System

Alas, the Texas Legislature has tackled redistricting this Session with the same approach they have used on the budget and school finance – with little regard for the consequences. Redistricting has been a favorite topic of this blogger for some time. Last year, I published a series on redistricting that … Continue Reading →

And They’re Off……..

City Elections are finally kicking into gear as summer approaches. This is actually a late start to the campaign season. The City’s redistricting process has held up the usual frantic fundraising process as candidates study the lines and watch to see districts materialize. Mayor Parker drew an opponent last week. … Continue Reading →

Latinos Linking Together

Houston area Latinos pulled their disparate organizations together and presented a revised redistricting plan to the Houston City Council yesterday. Most of you probably think this makes good sense and see nothing unusual about it. However, I must tell you that it is significant. There are many forces that work … Continue Reading →

Redistricting Realities: “Let them eat Pan Dulce”

The State House released their redistricting plan this week and many people are unhappy with the picture. The Legislature this Session is an already strained environment with extreme budget cuts proposed and tensions boiling over at every point. Toss in the drama of Redistricting and you have a recipe for … Continue Reading →