The Honorable Peter Brown

Everyone that ever met Peter Brown is grieving his departure from planet Earth this week. We know that he is in his pedestrian utopia with wide sidewalks, clear wayfinding, well-designed tree-lined streets and intersections with safe crossings. I first met Peter Brown in the 1980’s. At that time Peter was very involved with the city […]

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In Memory of My Dad


My sweet Dad gave up his valiant fight for life on Monday, January 19. Of course, an official obituary will run in the paper on Sunday but it is just so stiff. It’s hard to capture a life in the stiff, formal manner of obituaries so I thought I would share some thoughts on here. […]

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The GOP and George P….


The Republican Party has been evaluating their message and overall approach since they lost the general election for President in 2012.  Republicans went into that election with high expectations that they could defeat the incumbent and secure the White House.  Most pundits agreed.  At that time, President Obama’s ratings were higher in negatives than positives. […]

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Farewell 2012

Farewell 2012! This has been an extremely busy year for the blog. There has been much to ponder. When reviewing the year, I was astounded at the volume of posts and variety of topics. Some of the most viewed blogs this year were tributes to special people I have known or had the privilege of […]

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Paying My Respects

The last week has been a tough one for engaged Houstonians. Long-time civic leaders have passed as well as famed astronaut Neil Armstrong. Kay Crooker and Council Member Ernest McGowen were both amazing people who touched the City in unique ways. Former Council Member Ernest McGowen was a most gracious, kind and patient leader. When […]

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