And the “C” Club Speaks


Yesterday, the “C” Club made their choice in the Mayoral Election. They endorsed Bill King. 

The “C” Club is a conservative organization but they have surprised folks in the past by making unexpected endorsements. Many politicos think of them as the “rational” conservatives. They are a well-respected group of conservative-leaning, mostly business-oriented members.  Here is their own description of their organization:

The purpose of the “C” Club of Houston is to promote an environment in which candidates possessing high moral principles and a clear vision of the future can be elected. The “C” Club’s non-partisan support of political candidates is heavily based upon, but not limited to, the candidate’s support of conservative fiscal policies; and, the preservation of our communities and the promotion of a strong economy. Founded in 1964, the “C” Club PAC is composed of 100 fiscally conservative Houston business and professionals members who make a continuous study of local, Texas government.”

Our sources indicate that there were three contenders worthy of their support with most of the candidates having at least one or two members in their favor. The top three, however, were Stehpen Costello, Adrian Garcia and Bill King.

It takes 75% of the membership to approve their endorsement. This is a significant victory for King. King is a middle-of-the-road candidate who reasons out his positions and post lots of thoughtful white papers on complex issues. Many have expressed concern that his nebulous position on HERO will cause him grief on the campaign trail. King always shifts the discussion back to pensions and streets.

Unfortunately, we can’t share details of the debate with you as we did with the GLBT caucus endorsement as we weren’t allowed to participate.

Does this endorsement matter? It probably bolsters King’s support among conservatives and really helps him in the westside voter pool.

Ben Hall remains the only candidate stridently opposing HERO and continues to garner support from the Hotze family and other religious conservatives while Costello remains popular with many centrist voters.

The battle for the right-leaning voters continues but this endorsement gives King a real boost.


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