The National Yell Leader

Our illustrious Governor has learned a hard lesson this year. Much like his alma mater where he was a Yell Leader, he has experienced that winning is not everything.

His charm could only carry him so far on the national stage. He started off his Presidential campaign with such a suave launch. Looking as though he was straight out of central casting for a Presidential candidate, he pranced onto the stage with his usual swagger.

Unfortunately for him, the debates have become a major part of the selection process and voters began to realize that while he looks good, he just can’t articulate his positions well in the debate formats.

It’s so sad that he refused to debate Bill White in 2010 if for no other reason than to gain the experience of facing a good debater. However, I think we know why he wouldn’t face White one-on-one after his recent performances.

And now, with the Iowa caucuses just a few days away, many pundits are writing him off and saying he will be coming home soon. They believe that he will drop out after Iowa where he is not expected to finish well.

Meanwhile, the flavor of the month is Newt Gingrich. He’s so the flavor of the month, he’s the first one to actually take the lead over Romney who has batted each front runner away after a month or so in the lead.

Gingrich, however, has impeccable timing. He is peaking just at the right moment – when votes are actually about to be cast. He brings such interest to the campaign that it makes our Yell Leader pale in comparison. Colorful, argumentative, witty and downright ornery, he has raised the entertainment level of the Republican primary.

Well, the Yell Leader may be coming home soon to be embraced by his beloved red state.

Stay tuned.

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