You Have No Privacy, Get Over It

“My privacy has been violated”, came the outcry from the American public.  ”The NSA is reading my emails!” Get over it people.  You have not had privacy during most of your lifetime.  Tracking back to the beginning of credit – as early as the mid-1800s – we began sacrificing our … Continue Reading →


“The Sky is Falling”….. or, the Sequester is Starting

Today is the day and Congress has not reached an agreement.  After setting themselves up for a high-powered game of chicken – seeing who would blink first – they failed to move and the car crash has happened. When Congress put the Sequester legislation together, they never actually thought it … Continue Reading →

state of the union

State of the disUnion

Last night, the President addressed Congress in his annual State of the Union speech.  A great American tradition, this Congressional address allows the sitting President to present his agenda to Congress without outside influence.  The pomp and circumstance of the event is significant in its history and that most of … Continue Reading →


Immigrating the State of the State

Tuesday, January 29 was a big day in politics.  President Obama presented his plan for immigration changes that will primarily affect America’s Latino population.  Previously, a bi-partisan committee of U.S. Senators also presented a plan. While the details of the plans will be hotly debated over the next few months, … Continue Reading →


Ponderings Potpourri

All hail Friday!  What a week it has been.  We started with the celebration of Martin Luther King’s birthday and the Inauguration of our President. The President’s speech was a shout out to all those who helped re-elect him as he touched on emotional topics.  Interestingly, he didn’t speak much … Continue Reading →

2013 = Wild Political Ride

Welcome to 2013!  There will be so much to ponder this year that we tremor with excitement just thinking about it all. First up will be the Special Election in Senate District 6.  I don’t know about you but I have seen numerous commercials for Carol Alvarado and Sylvia Garcia … Continue Reading →

Falling off the Fiscal Cliff

Apparently, the election results meant nothing to Congress and the President. I can see how our message was a bit confusing. We said we liked the President and we liked our own Members of Congress. We basically returned the same leadership to D.C. Given our message, neither side seems prepared … Continue Reading →

Pierpont Pundits: Policy Projections 2013

Last Friday, my firm hosted a half day session on Policy Projections for 2013. We focused on how the 2012 elections will impact policy in 2013 and what that means for business. Providing speakers from the national, state and local level, we addressed how the federal government is refusing to … Continue Reading →

Health Care Media Mania – Just the Facts, Please

My Twitter feed was filled with anticipation of the Supreme Court decision on the President’s health plan yesterday morning. National reporters and bloggers that I follow were joking about who would “break the news first”. Then, it broke and my feed was a little lighter than I thought. First I … Continue Reading →

Supremes Ponder Health Care

The Supreme Court is listening to oral arguments regarding the new health care law and the public is weighing in with vast opinions. Pontificators are reading innuendo into every question asked by a Justice and projecting their interpretations through megaphones. Oh yes, one must love the American political system. If … Continue Reading →