Falling off the Fiscal Cliff

Apparently, the election results meant nothing to Congress and the President. I can see how our message was a bit confusing. We said we liked the President and we liked our own Members of Congress.

We basically returned the same leadership to D.C. Given our message, neither side seems prepared to compromise with the other. Thus, we’re speeding rapidly toward a “fiscal cliff”.

The American economy is responding. It seems that every time the President or a Congressional leader mentions the word “fiscal cliff”, the markets dip and swirl – going up on hopes for a compromise and spiraling downward for fear there will not be one.

So, I’m sending my Christmas wish list to our elected leaders. Just work it out. At this point, most of us can’t purport to tell you how to solve the problem but we do need you to solve it.

We don’t need this volatility at the end of the year. The economy has slightly improved this year and we want it to get even better in 2013. We want you to govern, lead and quit playing politics. We ask that all of you quit behaving like pre-schoolers and just solve the problems.

The saddest thing is that most Americans have election fatigue and they are not paying close attention. When they see your faces or hear your voices, they are just tuning out. Each day, more and more of us believe that you are just continuing to play games.

Please, give us all a good holiday – solve the immediate problems and come home, surround yourself with real people and enjoy your holiday, too.

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