September 11

2001 was an amazing year for me personally.  My son was born, we moved into a new home around Labor Day and then the world changed. As we all know,  September 11, our nation was attacked.   I will never forget the moment.  I was holding my 6 month old … Continue Reading →


Political Lessons from Facebook – Endorsements

This blogger has learned a tough lesson recently.  It has been my practice to “like” multiple candidate pages on Facebook.  As a blogger and periodic radio commentator, I have felt that it was my duty to view the way campaigns engage in social media. In fact, the Social Media Director … Continue Reading →

Hot Texas Summers Scream for Escape

It is true.  The Blog and its writer have been on a bit of a vacation this summer. Vacations from the Texas heat are such a blessing.  My son and I have just returned from a “cool” trip to the PacNorthwest, including Washington state and Canada. The temps were cool. … Continue Reading →


You Have No Privacy, Get Over It

“My privacy has been violated”, came the outcry from the American public.  “The NSA is reading my emails!” Get over it people.  You have not had privacy during most of your lifetime.  Tracking back to the beginning of credit – as early as the mid-1800s – we began sacrificing our … Continue Reading →

houston recycling contest 2013


If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you know that I’m a big fan of recycling.   At least two or three times, we have published about Houston’s limited recycling program with the “accepts all, big trash can”.  I have written of my envy for those neighborhoods … Continue Reading →

Mike Driscoll

Rest in Peace Mike Driscoll

Former Harris County Attorney and admired politico Mike Driscoll passed away this week.  While you will hear many tributes and appropriate statements, none of them will capture the spirit and laughter of a much beloved civic leader. Mike Driscoll genuinely loved public service.  He believed it was the highest honor … Continue Reading →


Football Mania

O.K.  I admit it.  I’m totally wrapped up in football mania.  Go Houston Texans!  I always love an underdog too and clearly, our beloved Texans are being considered such in Sunday’s playoff game against the New England Patriots. Why does it mean so much to us?  Why does it mean … Continue Reading →

Farewell Senator Gallegos

Senator Gallegos and I first met when I was a young Legislative Aide working in Austin for then State Representative Tony Polumbo. I was from Galena Park/ North Shore and he was from nearby Magnolia. Tony was a serious supporter of Fire and Police issues and the Fire Fighters frequently … Continue Reading →

Women in Politics – 3390

Today is my first day of class teaching at the University of Houston and the celebration of my tenth year doing so. Each semester is a new adventure. During the last ten years, I have been privileged to teach different courses and meet many amazing, wonderful students. Due to my … Continue Reading →

Back To School and Testing

Parents across the region are rejoicing this morning as our area youth head back to school. For the last couple of weeks, kids have been trickling back into action but today finds the largest majority returning. Our students in public education will face even more rigorous testing and exams that … Continue Reading →