September 11


2001 was an amazing year for me personally.  My son was born, we moved into a new home around Labor Day and then the world changed.

As we all know,  September 11, our nation was attacked.   I will never forget the moment.  I was holding my 6 month old in my arms before I headed out for morning meetings and was tuned in to Good Morning America.

The main thing I will always remember about that day was the amazing images of our first responders, fire fighters and police.  When everyone was rushing out, they were rushing in to save as many people as they could.  Many lost their lives as a result.

Recently, my son was asking me about the day.  We had visited the site in New York a few years ago.  I realized that he didn’t know there were attacks elsewhere and we engaged in a deep conversation about the day.  While it has always been a part of his life, I was stunned at how little he actually knew.

For most of us, it feels like it happened yesterday.  For him, it was literally a lifetime ago.  He is old enough now to understand and learn more about it.  While he has no memory of the actual event, he and his generation will forever by seriously effected by what happened that day.

So as we pause for a moment of silence today for the events that occurred in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C., let’s take time to be sure the younger generation understands what happened and how it felt for all of us.

In honor of all of those who lost their lives on 9/11/01 and those that have continued to fight for our freedom.



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