And….. They’re Back…….

Just when you thought it was safe again, the Texas Legislature reconvenes. They didn’t even take a day off from their tireless end of Session rush.

The reason – School Finance. Now the rhetoric moves to a whole new level of noise. The decibels are increasing by the moment.

Some claim that the reason they are back in Session today is because a Democratic Senator, Wendy Davis, killed debate with a filibuster in the final hours. In fairness, she didn’t have to talk long because the Senate didn’t take up the item until 10:30 p.m. before a midnight deadline.

There is plenty of finger-pointing to go around but the bottom line is that they failed to pass school finance legislation.

Usually, a Governor will allow the Legislature a few days off before calling them back into Session. At this point, these folks have worked throughout the holiday weekend and most of the weekends in May. They are physically and emotionally exhausted. As well, it wouldn’t hurt them to return home and talk to real people for a few days.

Now, in this condition, they will tackle again the topic of how schools should be financed in Texas. To be fair, the Senate and House Republicans have been having a hard time finding a compromise and both approached the issue differently.

Over the next few days, they will hopefully find a way to hammer out a compromise. Then, we citizens can find out how much our property taxes will increase to cover the cuts issued on districts and how much schools will suffer – directly and indirectly.

Texans are tired, too. This Legislative Session of intraparty bickering and name calling has been unproductive in the minds of most.

Maybe the Legislature can take the next few days to prove that they really do represent the people, solve education funding and come home to tell their constituents what it all means.

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