Election Day 2014 – GO VOTE!!!!!


Today is the last day that you have a chance to make your voice heard in the 2014 election cycle. If you haven’t voted already, you have from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. today to swing by a spot in your neighborhood and cast a ballot. Click here to find your polling location.

Why is this so hard for so many people? For the politically engaged, the election is front of mind and they become excited about the potential outcomes.

For the majority of the population, they get up, struggle to get the kids to school on time, work, pray they make it to school before the penalties for being late kick in, feed the kids and it is 7:30. They forgot to cast a ballot. They mean to, really they do. It just wasn’t as important as the daily demands of life.

And yet, the things that complicate those daily demands – the traffic that makes them late to school, the education their children are receiving in that very school, the fuel they put into the car and just about every other step of their day is affected by the outcome of the election.

“Too busy” is just not an excuse. As we often state on this blog, we have a representative government. We get the government that we deserve. If that traffic jam has any impact on your stress levels, then get out and vote. Think about the fact that the billions of dollars being spent to upgrade 290 will not include HOV lanes because government officials couldn’t come to an agreement.

Think about that test in school that your child is preparing for and whether or not they will be taking Algebra II in high school. Will they be college bound or will they be directed to a vocational course and how they have to make that decision in 8th grade.

When you close the door of your house upon your arrival home, ask yourself if you will be able to keep paying the ever increasing property taxes on the place you like or the ever increasing rents?

These are the reasons you need to cast a ballot. The day-to-day routine of your life is seriously impacted by the decisions that will be made today.

So take 15 minutes and VOTE!!!!!

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