Representative Democracy


The definition of “democracy” is simple: “a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.”

The whole population is the key phrase here. In America, we have the right to vote. We select our representatives. I’m astounded at how many people refer to “them” and “those divided leaders in Washington, Austin”, etc.

By the shear nature of democracy, “those” and “they” are you! You! The voters select their leaders. “Representative” government means that they represent YOUR point of view.

And yet, it is likely that less than 50% of eligible voters in Texas will select the leaders of our state and representatives we send to Washington.

The candidates have worked their hearts out. The small percentage of the population that engages in volunteering with campaigns have worked and walked until they have blisters. And yet, very few people will actually vote.

It is time to put downt the electronics, take a few extra minutes in your day and cast a ballot. Early voting starts today!

If you do not vote, please do not complain to me or to others. You have chosen not to participate in choosing your leaders so you have no right to speak out.

As Grover Cleveland said, “The ship of democracy will ultimately sink by the mutiny of those on board” (paraphrased). The ship is sinking rapidly unless you do your part and vote.


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