And the “C” Club Speaks


Yesterday, the “C” Club made their choice in the Mayoral Election. They endorsed Bill King.  The “C” Club is a conservative organization but they have surprised folks in the past by making unexpected endorsements. Many politicos think of them as the “rational” conservatives. They are a well-respected group of conservative-leaning, mostly business-oriented members.  Here is […]

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HERO Dominates the Election


On January 7th of this year, my blog post was about HERO being a driving issue of the 2015 City Elections. Click here to review and remember. I would love to tell you that I’m a futurist or have pyschic abilities but an issue that generates this level of passion will always remain present. Just […]

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Flooding = More Potholes

The electorate is worked up about flooding and it is clearly an important issue in the 2015 Mayoral elections. Flooding in political parlance refers to “drainage.” The streets are flooding because water does not have anywhere to go. Those better building standards, drainage and public infrastructure projects will improve the potential of flooding. The issue […]

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2015 – A Year of Politics


Welcome to 2015! Lest you thought you might get a respite from politics, WRONG! This is especially true if you live in Texas and/or Houston. In just a few days, a new Republican-controlled House and Senate convene to govern our country alongside a Democratic president. Frankly, there is not likely to be much governing going […]

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Time To Talk Houston – Mayor’s Race – The “Announced” Candidates

city hall

On Monday, we laid out our initial thoughts and historical patterns on the Houston Mayor’s race for 2015. Today, we’ll look at those candidates that have given an indication they are seriously considering a run for the office or have already announced. The “announced” or “expected” candidates include Chris Bell, Steve Costello, Oliver Pennington and […]

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