2015 – A Year of Politics


Welcome to 2015! Lest you thought you might get a respite from politics, WRONG! This is especially true if you live in Texas and/or Houston. In just a few days, a new Republican-controlled House and Senate convene to govern our country alongside a Democratic president. Frankly, there is not likely to be much governing going […]

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The GOP and George P….


The Republican Party has been evaluating their message and overall approach since they lost the general election for President in 2012.  Republicans went into that election with high expectations that they could defeat the incumbent and secure the White House.  Most pundits agreed.  At that time, President Obama’s ratings were higher in negatives than positives. […]

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State of the disUnion

state of the union

Last night, the President addressed Congress in his annual State of the Union speech.  A great American tradition, this Congressional address allows the sitting President to present his agenda to Congress without outside influence.  The pomp and circumstance of the event is significant in its history and that most of Washington’s influential politicalaratti are present. […]

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Ponderings Potpourri


All hail Friday!  What a week it has been.  We started with the celebration of Martin Luther King’s birthday and the Inauguration of our President. The President’s speech was a shout out to all those who helped re-elect him as he touched on emotional topics.  Interestingly, he didn’t speak much about guns but that is […]

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Hello Status Quo!

Good morning. After months of debate, discussion and pontificating, we awake to the status quo. The President of the United States has been handily re-elected, winning more significantly than most expected. The U.S. Senate remained in the hands of the Democrats and the U.S. House remained in the hands of the Republicans. While the voters […]

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Coming Together

Hurricane Sandy has tossed politics into a whirlwind. Now that the skies are clearing and the damage assessment is beginning, everyone will look to the federal government and the generosity of American citizens for assistance. There has not been a total damage assessment announced to date but local hurricane veterans know it will be in […]

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