Abbott versus Davis: A Real Campaign


It is so refreshing to watch the Abbott and Davis campaigns. Greg Abbott is campaigning vigorously and rising to the challenge of engaging in democracy. For the last several years, Republicans have taken it down a notch for the general election as Democrats have just not been relevant in the State of Texas statewide campaigns. […]

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2014 – A Very Political Year

2014 Texas Political Battle

Ponderings is back for a very exciting and politically intriguing 2014.  Of course, we have upcoming statewide elections for U.S. Senator, Governor, Lt. Governor and many other offices.   The new Houston City Council is being sworn in today with 6 new Members that will change the politics of that entity. Statewide Elections promise to […]

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State Comptroller Hustle – Where are the Women?

State Comptroller

This week, Susan Combs, State Comptroller, announced she will not seek re-election to the post and will not seek any other office.  She is done. This immediately set off a flurry of activity among potential Republican candidates.  Some announced immediately, like Senator Glenn Hegar.  Others are considering running, including the inimitable Tom Craddick, former Speaker […]

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The GOP and George P….


The Republican Party has been evaluating their message and overall approach since they lost the general election for President in 2012.  Republicans went into that election with high expectations that they could defeat the incumbent and secure the White House.  Most pundits agreed.  At that time, President Obama’s ratings were higher in negatives than positives. […]

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Senate 6 Solved

senator garcia

The voters of Senate 6 have spoken. After a grueling election that spurred extreme negative politics, they came out in greater numbers than anticipated to make their choice. The good news is that more than 18,000 voters cast ballots.  In the first round, only about 15,000 people participated.  While it is not a record turnout, […]

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Senate 6 Run-off Date

There is hope yet that the constituents of Senate District 6 may have some representation in Austin before the end of the Legislative Session.  The Governor FINALLY called the run-off election date for Saturday, March 2. Meanwhile, Garcia and Alvarado have been slugging it out in the East End.  It seems that the broader public […]

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Immigrating the State of the State


Tuesday, January 29 was a big day in politics.  President Obama presented his plan for immigration changes that will primarily affect America’s Latino population.  Previously, a bi-partisan committee of U.S. Senators also presented a plan. While the details of the plans will be hotly debated over the next few months, it may be that immigration […]

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