A Country Point of View: Abbott vs. Davis


Due to my career, I have the pleasure of traversing the State of Texas with clients. I sometimes think that living in the state’s largest urban area skews my point of view.

It is refreshing to visit Texas counties with populations of 20,000 and chat about state politics with local elected officials.

On a trip this week, post Labor Day, I met several county officials of both party persuasions that are on the ballot this fall. It seemed that they were ignoring the top of the ticket. Neither nominee, Abbott or Davis, inspired much conversation. While we saw many political signs for local offices, we did not see a single Abbott or Davis sign across 6 different rural counties.

We further noted that many of the local officials and candidates did not include party affiliation on their signs. One local official admitted that he was a Democrat in rural Texas and that made him a dying breed. He then proceeded to tell us that Democrats would control the state completely in eight years. He said he just had to hang on……

After about 300+ miles across central Texas, I had to wonder if there is a state election happening this year. Are there campaigns out there? If so, you could not tell it across the part of rural Texas I visited this week.

I thought people in Houston were just ignoring it, even with the multitude of ads. But, hey, those statewide candidates better get to organizing. My biggest fear is that apathy will win the 2014 election.

After all these years, we will have a new Governor and a new Lt. Governor. Does anyone out there care?




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