Dan Patrick, Dan Patrick, Wherefore Art Thou Dan Patrick?


The Lt. Governor of Texas is one of our most powerful elected officials. The Lt. Governor has significant control of the direction of legislation and serves on several critical boards, including the Legislative Budget Board.

Dan Patrick, the Republican nominee for Lt. Governor, took out the incumbent David Dewhurst in the primary run-off. It was a brutal, long primary but Patrick won convincingly.

The Democrats have nominated veteran State Senator Leticia Van de Putte.

Van de Putte is campaigning hard across the state with a grass-roots campaign. Patrick continues to reach out and connect with the party faithful. The Houston Chronicle addressed this subject earlier this week.

On Monday, we discussed the active campaign between Abbott and Davis. The complete opposite is occurring in the Lt. Governor’s race. Dan Patrick is not visible, not debating and simply ignoring his opponent.

Let’s face facts, a Democrat hasn’t won statewide office in 20 years. Patrick is hanging the curtains, considering his committee appointments and thinking about hiring staff. There is only a very small likelihood that he would be defeated.

We have a great contrast on our hands. Will Abbott win by a greater margin than Patrick? Will Patrick be victorious by staying completely off the campaign trail?

The deeper question is about democracy. Should a candidate be expected to engage in a political campaign? Not really. They have to raise so much money and voters should be tuned-in enough to notice.

We often put the blame for our issues with government on others. The fact is that we should take responsibility. We have the right to vote, to determine who runs our government. If we default on democracy, it is our fault.

“The ship of democracy, which has weathered all storms, may sink through the mutiny of those on board.”
Grover Cleveland

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