A Week Without Council

Houston City hall chamber

Around holidays, City Council takes a week off from meeting.  It is always a relief to those of us who track them in addition to our many other duties.

However, the Council Members and their staffs continue to work.  And, work hard.  I have received multiple emails from Council this week and they have had committee meetings.

Constituent services never stop and staffs eagerly continue to assist their Houston neighbors with complex issues and the day to day problems.  These include everything from “my garbage wasn’t picked up” to the “City tore up my driveway and left, never to return.”  Council staff and even Council Members spend many hours of their days and weeks working on these types of problems.

All we truly gained from not having Public Session and/or Council meeting this week was a little extra time to address other issues.

Here’s to all of our hard-working City staff.  Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!


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