2014 Texas Political Battle

2014 – A Very Political Year

Ponderings is back for a very exciting and politically intriguing 2014.  Of course, we have upcoming statewide elections for U.S. Senator, Governor, Lt. Governor and many other offices.   The new Houston City Council is being sworn in today with 6 new Members that will change the politics of that … Continue Reading →

City Elections, Astrodome, Water and more

We are just days away from Houston’s Election Day.  The Election is Tuesday, November 5.  You can still early vote through Friday at 7:00 p.m. This election has been especially odd but people do seem interested in the outcome.  At least, they seemed to have tuned-in during the last couple … Continue Reading →


Mayoral Forums – Final Thoughts

Last week, I took in a Mayoral debate and a Mayoral candidate forum.  Between the two, I was able to see the full slate of contenders for Mayor. The Greater Houston Women’s Chamber of Commerce hosted a forum on Thursday and Houston Public Media (KUHT and KUHF) hosted a debate … Continue Reading →

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Mayoral Debate Post Mortem

On Tuesday night, Houston Public Media and the League of Women Voters hosted the only televised Mayoral debate of the campaign season. They invited all of the candidates to participate and 8 of them agreed to join in the conversation.  Debates with 8 candidates can be a bit tedious but … Continue Reading →

Houston City Elections – District I

We previously analyzed District D with its 12 candidates and the impact it may have on the Mayor’s race.  In our continuing series on Council races, we will focus on District I. Like District D, District I has no incumbent.  Council Member James Rodriguez has served his full terms on … Continue Reading →

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Houston City Council Races – District D

Houston City Council District D may be the most interesting race for City Council this year. With a field of 12 candidates, there will likely be many voters coming out to cast their ballot.  When we first adopted term limits, most open seats attracted a field of 10+ candidates.  However, … Continue Reading →


Political Lessons from Facebook – Endorsements

This blogger has learned a tough lesson recently.  It has been my practice to “like” multiple candidate pages on Facebook.  As a blogger and periodic radio commentator, I have felt that it was my duty to view the way campaigns engage in social media. In fact, the Social Media Director … Continue Reading →


Houston Mayor’s Race – Political Theater of the Absurd

Those of us that follow politics on a regular basis often refer to the term “political theater”.  We love a good, tough campaign for the entertainment value and it gives us stuff to write about, discuss and debate. While this sounds somewhat cynical, it really isn’t meant that way.  In … Continue Reading →

Houston Mayors Race – Tax Returns

Mayor Parker pulled an old trick out of her hat this week on her opponent, Ben Hall.  She released her tax returns and called upon him to do the same. This tactic has been used time again.  Interestingly, it began as a Republican tactic  on Democratic candidates.  Over the years, … Continue Reading →

Houston Mayoral Election – Ad Wars

The Houston Mayoral election contest has heated up along with the temperatures this August. Candidate Ben Hall launched a significant ad buy with ads that tell his background story.  This is a fairly typical approach for a candidate unknown to voters.   The ads are primarily focused on letting voters … Continue Reading →