The Mayor of Houston released her annual budget this week. Given the financial struggles she has faced during her term, this budget was a piece of cake.

She is not proposing any new tax hikes or fees, which is truly a blessing for Houstonians. Last year, she and the City Council dramatically raised fees that effected businesses and citizens. If you have had to get a permit for anything during the last year, you paid significantly more for it. Apparently, that combined with a recovering economy, helped bolster this year’s budget.

Most importantly, the budget includes expanding the single-stream recycling cans to 30,000 more homes. That’s not many but I’m continuing the campaign for neighborhood right now! I have been begging for these cans since they first arrived and yet they taunt me in surrounding neighborhoods. It must be very easy to add my area to the rest since others are so nearby.

These recycling bins are great. No sorting, no separating and just put everything in one bin. The plant facility does the sorting, like in Toy Story 3. I’ve begged, cajoled and directly told the Mayor and my Council Member that I would gladly pay a fee to have one of these cans, all to no avail.

I’m starting my efforts anew. 30,000 households is not very many really. The competition among neighborhoods will be fierce.

Consider this the relaunch of my personal campaign. I also believe that all neighborhoods should have them so that we cut down on garbage in landfills.

Let’s recycle!

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