City Elections, Astrodome, Water and more

We are just days away from Houston’s Election Day.  The Election is Tuesday, November 5.  You can still early vote through Friday at 7:00 p.m.

This election has been especially odd but people do seem interested in the outcome.  At least, they seemed to have tuned-in during the last couple of weeks.  Early vote totals indicate that many are interested.

The Mayor’s race was expected to be much more intense but seemed to fizzle out towards the end.  Initially, most of the pundits regarded Ben Hall as a serious contender to face Mayor Parker due to his ability to self-fund his campaign.  Pundits also like good political theater.

However, Mr. Hall has let down most everyone in that regard.  While he has spent lots of money, he consistently hit the wrong note with voters.  He went dark on TV while Parker steadily blasted him with attack ads.

Council races also seem to be flying slightly below the radar.  When I ask any average voter (non-immersed politico) about At-Large Position 3, they look at me blankly.  When I name a few of the candidates running they sometime have a glimmer of recognition.  A number of people have seen the billboard Roy Morales has on 1-10 at Silber.  Many have heard of or seen signs for Michael Kubosh.  If they are party connected, they probably know Rogene Calvert, Kubosh or Morales.  Some know Roland Chavez has been a fire fighter and inner loopers seem to know Jennifer Rene Poole.  This race is anybody’s best guess.  Pundits think Kubosh wins but most won’t predict who is in a run-off with him.

Council Districts A, D and I have intense campaigns going on in their communities.  Again, unless you speak to someone who knows them, it is hard to measure the outcome.

Meanwhile, the fate of the Astrodome will finally be decided by voters across Harris County.  Will sentimentality overcome a tax increase?  That is one of the biggest questions facing voters.  Are you willing to pay more taxes to save Houston’s beloved landmark?  I think this one may squeak by.  It helps that Reliant Park officials are holding an Astrodome memorabilia sale just prior to the election.  It will remind everyone of the good times they had there.

Water is probably one of the most important issues on the ballot.  Proposition 6 will allow Texas to better plan for our water needs in the future.  The prolonged drought in parts of the state has had a significant impact on agriculture while rains wash away other parts of the state.  When speaking with a pundit in Dallas last week, he told me the Prop. 6 supporters are very worried since it has been raining so much in Houston this fall.  I told him to give us a little more credit.  Bottom line is that Houston/Harris County voters will have the most impact on the outcome of this election.  This blogger recommends a vote for Proposition 6, strongly.

If you need to learn more, please visit the Voters Guide produced by the League of Women Voters.  It provides unbiased and clear information on the candidates.

Consider yourself informed!  Now, GO VOTE!!!!!!





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