Perry Back as Governor

Governor Rick Perry plans to make a major speech in Houston today. He will carry through themes from his Presidential campaign of low taxes and challenging Medicaid. Actually, these are themes of his term as Governor that he carried to the Presidential campaign.

Citizens all across Texas are feeling the pain of the last Legislative Session. If you have children in public schools, you know the affect of cuts on school programs. Our highways are in serious need of repairs and expansion all across the state.

In fairness, “low taxes” continue to attract businesses to our State and are helping Texas to be one of the most successful economies in the nation. Our urban centers are thriving and attracting more people.

The only problem is that more people create more needs – more roads, more schools and educational investment, and more overall infrastructure.

It is a bit of a dichotomy that this state will need to face. Gridlock will make Texas less appealing. Failing public schools will cause business to locate elsewhere.

Governor Perry – let’s innovate new solutions to meet our challenges. The same message of slash and burn will ultimately make Texas less competitive.

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