The Lege is coming, The Lege is coming

Hold on to your pocketbooks and your property folks because the Texas Legislature is on it’s way. In just a month, January 8, 2013, the Texas Legislature will convene for it’s 83rd session.

The Texas Constitution, as you probably know, states that the Texas Legislature will meet once every two years for 140 days. Isn’t it amazing that Texas can run the business of a 20+ million population state for a few months every other year? Yes, it is amazing. And frankly, may be a good part of the reason that our economy thrives while other states face tougher economic recoveries.

When the legislators convene in 2013, they will still have to face many tough issues. The state’s population and accompanying demands continue to grow. We must educate an ever-expanding number of children. We must maintain roads for the ever-expanding population. We must provide public safety and prisons to protect the people. We need to address excessive health care demands and changing federal policy. And, there are a few other issues that need to be evaluated as well – access to higher education, state parks, tort reform or not, and the thousands of tweaks to antiquated laws to keep Texas functioning.

Hey, don’t you want this job? It pays $7200 a year and you can live in Austin part of the time, working nearly 24 hours a day. What? You can’t live in two locations, work like a maniac and take care of your family on that salary? Neither can most. Thus, those that can are who represent us. Keep that in mind.

This year’s legislative session promises to be full of excitement, intrigue and debate over state’s rights versus federal mandates. The economic picture is rosier than in the past but education and other issues must be budgeted.

The budget will be the overriding theme of this session.

So hold on tight as the Legislature is coming in just a few short weeks.

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