Election Day – Thank Goodness

Today is the Run-off Election for the Texas Primaries. If you missed that there is an election going on, you clearly have not watched any television with commercials in the last month.

The hottest race of either Party is the contest between Lt. Governor David Dewhurst and Ted Cruz for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senator. These two candidates and the multitude of special committees backing them have single-handedly bolstered the Texas economy. They have spent millions battling for the nomination and appear to be in a struggle for control of the Republican party in the process. Dewhurst represents the more traditional Republican voter while Cruz is a part of the firebrand segment of the Party.

The attention and focus on this race hinges on the fact that Texas is traditionally a “Red” state. It is perceived that whoever wins the Republican nomination will be the U.S. Senator from Texas. We haven’t sent a Democrat to D.C. in the Senate in more than a decade.

Meanwhile, on the Democratic side, legitimate candidate Paul Sadler battles familiar name and perennial candidate Grady Yarbrough for the U.S. Senate nomination. Neither has spent much money and it will simply be a matter of which Democrats show up to vote in other races that determines the winner. Democrats are not coming out to vote in this race but will do so once they are there. They are driven to the polls by more heated local races.

In fact, both parties have run-offs across the state that will pick presumptive Members of Congress, the State Legislature, the State Senate, and countless local Constables, Justices of the Peace, and much more.

It’s a hot day, during the week and the Olympics are dominating our attention. So, if you are addicted to watching the Olympics, you must like contests. If you like contests, you need to VOTE TODAY!

As I often quote, “The Ship of Democracy will ultimately sink by the mutiny of those on board.” Don’t sink the ship! Go Vote Today!!!!!!!!!!!

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