Senate 6 Run-off Date

There is hope yet that the constituents of Senate District 6 may have some representation in Austin before the end of the Legislative Session.  The Governor FINALLY called the run-off election date for Saturday, March 2.

Meanwhile, Garcia and Alvarado have been slugging it out in the East End.  It seems that the broader public has drifted and is paying little attention to the campaign.  But these two are giving it their all as they reach out to keep voters motivated.

This run-off election will be all about turning out your voters.  The candidates know exactly who voted in the first round and they have to work to turn them back out again.  They are also likely working to interest new voters in the areas where they performed well in the first round.

As we mentioned previously, this run-off is about who can turn out the most voters.  TV ads, radio ads or an avalanche of direct mail will have little influence on the outcome.  The primary goal is to work day in and day out to turnout voters that they know support them.  It is likely to be close between these two.

If you live in Senate District 6, please pay close attention and cast your ballot wisely.  The winner of this race is likely to serve in the Texas Legislature for many years to come.

So pay attention and VOTE!



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