Beware. Brace yourselves. The East Coast is facing a confluence of weather patterns that will wreak havoc on America’s business and media centers and possibly, the Presidential election.

The East Coast is home base for the U.S. Stock Markets and hosts many of the network media outlets. For this reason, we will hear more about this storm than we did when Hurricane Ike swept across Southeast Texas, wiping away Bolivar Peninsula and caused billions of dollars in damages.

This storm is hitting the East Coast and will dominate America’s news for the next few days. The biggest question for the election falls on the potential loss of power. If two or three states lose power and people are unable to participate in early voting, will it change election results?

Meanwhile, President Obama has to be very Presidential as he deals with potential disaster news and Romney needs to be cautious in attacking a President during a crisis situation.

This year’s “October Surprise” just may be the weather. Pay close attention to the Presidential candidates. Both have already cancelled appearances scheduled in one of the tightest swing states – Virginia. They are rerouting their efforts to focus even more on Ohio and other midwestern states.

Presidential campaigns are usually fairly adaptable but this storm may create new hurdles for both candidates.

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