Now, That Was A Debate……….

Challenging, engaging, attacking, exchanging and sticking to the pre-defined scripts! Now that was a debate. Biden and Ryan gave the audience the raw meat they wanted.

Many Obama/Biden supporters were holding their breath, fearful that Biden would make one of his famous gaffes but he did his job. Many Romney/Ryan supporters were just a little uncertain how Ryan would perform before a national audience for an extended period of time.

Both did a good job. They were energized and provided clear contrasts to the American voter. It was clear where both of them stood on the vast array of issues discussed – from Iran to abortion.

Ryan looks to me as if he was sent by central casting for the role of President, I mean Vice President. He is handsome, articulate and appears somewhat compassionate. However, it’s probably not a good idea to share a story about a family who lost someone in a car wreck when you are sitting next to Joe Biden.

Biden, is of course, the seasoned and experienced public servant. His depth of knowledge on issues spans decades. He did periodically appear to pat Ryan on the head, as if saying, “Now you listen here young man….”

Still, both of them managed to stay fairly close to the positions of their party and their candidates. They each did a good job espousing the rhetoric and energizing their bases.

It’s not likely that this debate will move many voters. However, it is fair to say that Democrats will be more energized than the last Presidential debate and Republicans will continue their excitement.

From the social media sphere and even the media, there is not a clear cut winner. If you are Republican, you think Ryan won and if you are a Democrat, you think Biden won.

If you’re one of the rare breeds of purple, you had a good opportunity to determine which issues are most important to you and make a decision based on a genuine debate.

Kudos to the moderator in this debate. She did a great job of keeping the two candidates on track and calling them down when appropriate as well as making them stick to the issues.

Overall, I enjoyed this great American tradition of debate and discussion!

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  1. I think on an emotional level, Biden took the debate. When he talks about how these people are my mother and father, it caught my attention and made me hone in on what he was saying. I thought that was really good at grabbing people in the middle class that have families. Other than that, I agree that policy point to policy point it was about even.

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