2014 Texas Political Battle

2014 – A Very Political Year

Ponderings is back for a very exciting and politically intriguing 2014.  Of course, we have upcoming statewide elections for U.S. Senator, Governor, Lt. Governor and many other offices.   The new Houston City Council is being sworn in today with 6 new Members that will change the politics of that … Continue Reading →

Mike Driscoll

Rest in Peace Mike Driscoll

Former Harris County Attorney and admired politico Mike Driscoll passed away this week.  While you will hear many tributes and appropriate statements, none of them will capture the spirit and laughter of a much beloved civic leader. Mike Driscoll genuinely loved public service.  He believed it was the highest honor … Continue Reading →


Football Mania

O.K.  I admit it.  I’m totally wrapped up in football mania.  Go Houston Texans!  I always love an underdog too and clearly, our beloved Texans are being considered such in Sunday’s playoff game against the New England Patriots. Why does it mean so much to us?  Why does it mean … Continue Reading →

A Historic Moment

On January 8, 2013, the Houston City Council and the Harris County Commissioners Court met together to name Janiece Longoria Chair of the Port of Houston Authority Commission. The Port has always been known as a bastion of of the “good ole’ boy” network in the region.  In fairness, the … Continue Reading →

You Just Thought It Was Over……..

Another Houston area election is looming on the horizon. Even before the votes were counted last week, it was presumed that Senator Mario Gallegos would win re-election posthumously and he did. Thus, a special election must be called to fill his seat. The Governor will call the election and set … Continue Reading →

Harris County is Bi-Partisan

Harris County voters displayed their prowess at selecting leaders and assessing issues on Tuesday. First off, everyone should stand and shout that the percentage turnout was 61.84%. The push to encourage people to participate was clearly successful. This is an extraordinarily high voter turnout and we should be proud. The … Continue Reading →

A Rare Endorsement

If you are a reader of this blog or a friend, student, co-worker, colleague of mine, you know that I rarely publicly endorse a candidate for political office. In fact, I have never done so since I began blogging in 2009. However, this year, there is a race so imperative … Continue Reading →

Pierpont Pundits: Policy Projections 2013

Last Friday, my firm hosted a half day session on Policy Projections for 2013. We focused on how the 2012 elections will impact policy in 2013 and what that means for business. Providing speakers from the national, state and local level, we addressed how the federal government is refusing to … Continue Reading →

The Metro Referendum

For months now, we have been posting about the bond elections on the ballot. Today, we focus on the confusing Metro referendum. What is it exactly that you are being ask to vote on regarding Metro? This ballot item is probably the most “insider” game question as well. Many years … Continue Reading →

The Fading Astrodome

As most of you know, I’m a lifelong Houstonian. My family moved here from the Valley of Texas when I was a mere 3 years old. I’ve been blessed to live and travel elsewhere and always come back to the City I love. One of the treasures of “My Houston”, … Continue Reading →