Football Mania


O.K.  I admit it.  I’m totally wrapped up in football mania.  Go Houston Texans!  I always love an underdog too and clearly, our beloved Texans are being considered such in Sunday’s playoff game against the New England Patriots.

Why does it mean so much to us?  Why does it mean so much to Houston?  Take away all of the base level of Americans love for the game and look at how a city loves its team.  And, in our case, an entire region and many across the State of Texas will be rooting for the “home” team.  Even some beleaguered Cowboys fans will join in the cause.

Local governments have invested billions in stadiums across the U.S.  They will provide incentives and issue millions in bonds to help attract and retain a football team.  Again, why?  Because a winning football team helps to make your town legitimate!  It increases tourism, bolsters recognition, guarantees national coverage for your city, and boosts the spirits of the citizens.

Houston is raking in recognition from national magazines, media and more regarding our successful business climate.  Yet,  our businesses that compete for employees across the globe still struggle to recruit the best and brightest to our fair city.

Let’s top off the year with a championship for our city!  Let’s win the ultimate recognition.  We’re used to being the underdog and struggling for respect.  Let’s bring that can-do spirit to Sunday’s playoff game and prove we can do it!

I believe!  Go Texans!


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