Patriotism, Unity, Democracy and More


This 4th of July was a bit sad for me. Having spent time with a number of youthful folks in the last few months, I realized that “patriotism”, “love of country” and other feelings most of us consider sacred have lessoned with newer and younger generations. Due to the ugliness of our leadership and consistent […]

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My Heart Hurts…………


Orlando. The mere mention of the word makes families smile and children (even teens) leap with excitement. The word is synonymous with Mickey Mouse and Harry Potter and family adventure. For Orlando is the town that Disney built….. My family went last summer and we had a wonderful time. We hit 6 theme parks in […]

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houston recycling contest 2013

If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you know that I’m a big fan of recycling.   At least two or three times, we have published about Houston’s limited recycling program with the “accepts all, big trash can”.  I have written of my envy for those neighborhoods that have them and screamed […]

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The Movies

My son and I love going to the movies. After a long week, there is nothing better than going to the latest opening movie and escaping into pure fantasy land. We laugh, we cry, we stay cool, embraced by the darkness and the sound of the amazing scenes on screen. We usually attend the movies […]

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“Away” Camp

The kid is gone for a week to “away” camp, as we call it. Blessed child gets to spend an entire week frolicking with friends in the hill country. Meanwhile, Mom and Dad keep working hard so that he can enjoy this privilege. It is an interesting experience when the kid is out of the […]

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The Kid’s 10th Birthday

Today, my son turns 10! What a ride we have been on since we first heard he would be joining our lives. At the ripe age of 41, I learned that pregnancy is a great time to begin adjusting to the changes that are coming to your life. And, what a change!!!! The minute I […]

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