houston recycling contest 2013

houston recycling contest 2013If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you know that I’m a big fan of recycling.   At least two or three times, we have published about Houston’s limited recycling program with the “accepts all, big trash can”.  I have written of my envy for those neighborhoods that have them and screamed for my own.

Now is our chance!  Houston is a finalist for a grant from Bloomberg Philanthropies that will allow “ONE BIN FOR ALL”.  It would transform garbage collection in Houston and help us to significantly reduce waste.

According to the City’s own press release,  “With One Bin for All, residents can put soda cans, paper, plastic, food scraps, rubber, wood and glass into one bin-then technology does the rest!  By relying on state of the art technology and new process systems to sort trash from recycling, Houston would be able to achieve recycling rates of up to 75 percent. ”

Here is the link:

Come on friends and fans!  This is a contest and Houston is one of the largest cities in the mix.  We can certainly muster the most votes and win this thing!  Imagine Houston being a leader in recycling.

That would certainly boost our image of a hip, cool city!

You can vote more than once and you have through March 6.  PLEASE VOTE NOW AND AGAIN AND AGAIN!

Let’s do this thing!



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  1. I’ll definitely be voting, Nancy! Recycling is so important and I think Houston could really use this to reinforce the message and initiative.

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