“Away” Camp

The kid is gone for a week to “away” camp, as we call it. Blessed child gets to spend an entire week frolicking with friends in the hill country. Meanwhile, Mom and Dad keep working hard so that he can enjoy this privilege.

It is an interesting experience when the kid is out of the house. Everything seems quieter, the mornings move slower, the computer is available and the morning bombardment of questions contemplating serious life philosophy is absent.

Yet, we miss him terribly. It all feels so empty when he’s not here. At 10, he has begun to pull away more and strike his independence. We are in that stage when he is at one minute our precious little boy and the next he is rolling his eyes and saying “Mom” with exasperation.

I’m pondering the path of growth and development and how it amazes me that parents naturally push the kids along – such as “away” camp. We encourage their independence by pushing them to spend time away from us.

We spent this weekend in the hill country with our close friends. We are godparents to each other’s children and the boys (6 weeks apart) go to camp together. It was a truly wonderful get away that embraced the precious family time we all seem to lack in today’s hectic world.

We canoed, swam, played on a natural water slide and valued the time we had together. The kids loved it and it was a good send-off for camp. Our location lacked any kind of cell service and that was truly a blessing for all involved.

Now we have one week where the house is empty and we are left to ponder our own philosophical morning thoughts and questions…………

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