The Kid’s 10th Birthday

Today, my son turns 10! What a ride we have been on since we first heard he would be joining our lives.

At the ripe age of 41, I learned that pregnancy is a great time to begin adjusting to the changes that are coming to your life. And, what a change!!!!

The minute I held that precious baby in my arms, my life changed forever. I have never loved anyone so much.

To Hunter, I say thank you! Thanks for making me slow down and appreciate the gifts that life brings.

For there is nothing like taking a walk with a toddler and every leaf, acorn or bird is a point of discovery. You see things completely differently through the eyes of a child.

As he has grown, he constantly challenges my mind to think about things differently – asking the questions that cause me to pause and think of the best way to answer but also causing me to evaluate my own thoughts on the matter – religion, war, families, education, music and so much more. The “why” is never-ending with my Mr. Curiosity.

In the last 10 years, we have gone from precious baby to rambunctious toddler, to solemn pre-schooler, to adventuresome elementary school child and fun-loving kid. Now, we enter the double digits and watch our son enter his next decade where the adventure part will become ever more dominant.

But the joy will always be the same. His presence in my life brings me strength, courage, happiness and joy.

That’s why I’m still riding roller coasters!

Happy Birthday Hunter!

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