Houston City Council Races – District D

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Houston City Council District D may be the most interesting race for City Council this year.

With a field of 12 candidates, there will likely be many voters coming out to cast their ballot.  When we first adopted term limits, most open seats attracted a field of 10+ candidates.  However, we have seen that drop in recent years.

In fact, it is a little surprising that an open At-Large seat, Position 3, has only 6 candidates while the incumbent in Position 2 faces 3 opponents.

That makes District D the most interesting race in town.  Incumbent Wanda Adams is term-limited.  However, she is seeking election to the HISD Board of Trustees and her name will appear on the ballot again.

The best financed candidate in the race is Dwight Boykins.  Boykins has previously sought election to Council and he has garnered many endorsements.   Two women, Georgia Provost and Assata Richards, seem to be emerging as lead contenders among the mix, in addition to Boykins.

If you don’t live in District D, why does this matter to you?  The turnout of voters in District D will likely be higher than normal due to all of the activity in the area.  If you live in District D, you definitely know that a city election is happening in a couple of months.

Will the race have an affect on the Mayoral candidates?  As an African-American candidate, we would anticipate that Ben Hall would garner a majority of the vote.  He also has the support of many recognizable, strong leaders in the community.  Mayor Parker is not defaulting on the vote though and is fighting for a share.  She has her fans as well, including African-American elected officials.

District D will be the campaign watch to this season for the shear contest among 12 people and for its potential impact on the Mayoral race.

Will District D votes alone be enough to push Ben Hall into a run-off with Mayor Parker?  Not likely.  However, we will look at other contested Council races and how they may affect the Mayoral vote next week.

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