Investigations Everywhere – Does Anyone Care?

It seems that many of our public entities are facing challenges and questions on their behavior these days.

The Houston Community College System is dealing with questionable contracts issued by their board. The Houston Independent School District has Board members who are being questioned about their involvement in issuing contracts. The Port of Houston is dealing with a report on ways to improve their practices. The New Metro is still disentangling itself from past contracting mistakes made by the old Metro. Two Houston City Council Members have recently faced investigations on reported improprieties and a County Commissioner is still dealing with a federal indictment.

It seems that all of this activity would cause the public to become more engaged or enraged.

In November, we’re holding this thing called an Election. Members of Houston City Council, HISD Board of Trustees, and the Houston Community College System Board are up for election.

To be clear, I do not want to indicate that anyone under current investigation is guilty in any way. Our system guarantees that one is innocent until proven guilty.

Will the discussions occurring amidst all of these investigations encourage or increase voter turnout?

The good news is that the voters likely to cast their ballots or usually the more engaged voters who are able to separate fact from fiction and will cast their ballots accordingly.

But even with all of the aforementioned issues, apathy will still likely win the November elections.

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