Wrapping the Week with More Investigations

Wrapping the Week with more Investigations

It just doesn’t seem to stop in the Houston area lately. Now, the Sheriff and a popular East End Constable are on the hook.

In fairness, Sheriff Adrian Garcia swept into office on the heels of a scandal. Only three years ago, our then Sheriff and then District Attorney were caught up in a massive email trail that cost both of them their jobs. The District Attorney had to resign over a series of emails and the Sheriff lost his bid for re-election.

Garcia inherited a department that had been accused of serious racial bias allegations and was not welcoming to him, either. The culture of the Sheriff’s Department was in a shambles and he has had to work on the environment since he took office.

The actions of the previous office holder and his department resulted in a Department of Justice investigation. Sheriff Garcia negotiated with them for the last several years and tried to work out an agreement. Unfortunately, he needed support from the Commissioners Court to achieve his goal and did not gain approval.

Now the Justice Department is back in full swing and ready to tackle the investigation. Sheriff Garcia will have to manage the lingering issues from the previous administration. Voters may become confused over who is responsible as memories are very short term. The Chronicle provides a solid overview of the situation.

Meanwhile, KTRK’s Wayne Dolcefino has launched a 13 Undercover investigation of Constable Victor Trevino. Trevino is a popular elected official in the East End of town and has been in office for a number of years.

Dolcefino is accusing him of misusing staff and county equipment for charitable and campaign purposes.

The Constable is bravely responding to the allegations but this has become a multi-night story and may result in the county requesting a further investigation.

Just more of our ever-churning investigations……….

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