Time To Talk Houston – Mayor’s Race – The “Announced” Candidates

city hall

On Monday, we laid out our initial thoughts and historical patterns on the Houston Mayor’s race for 2015. Today, we’ll look at those candidates that have given an indication they are seriously considering a run for the office or have already announced. The “announced” or “expected” candidates include Chris Bell, Steve Costello, Oliver Pennington and […]

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Abbott versus Davis: A Real Campaign


It is so refreshing to watch the Abbott and Davis campaigns. Greg Abbott is campaigning vigorously and rising to the challenge of engaging in democracy. For the last several years, Republicans have taken it down a notch for the general election as Democrats have just not been relevant in the State of Texas statewide campaigns. […]

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Punching Out Domestic Violence


Amidst news of international tensions across the globe, Americans have been focused on a football player and an intimate look at his private relationship with his wife. The release of a video of Rice striking his then-fiance in an elevator has garnered wide-spread attention and debate. Should a very talented football player be punished for […]

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Thanks Joan Rivers!


There will be many comments and tributes to Joan Rivers over the next week or so and I personally hope she gets the funeral she designed for herself – a big Hollywood send-off to the great beyond. However, as you know, this blogger often focuses on women’s issues and for that, we must pause to […]

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Beyonce and Feminism


On Tuesday of this week, I had my first day of class with this semester’s Women In Politics students at the University of Houston. To wake them up for the early morning class, I created a short playlist and it included Beyonce’s Rule the World and the spoken word Feminist Interlude. It helped to spark […]

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