They are off and running – Senate District 6

The Governor has yet to declare a Special Election to fill the vacancy in Senate District 6 caused by the death and posthumous re-election of Senator Mario Gallegos.

But, that hasn’t stopped the candidates. They are off and running. Instead of visions of sugarplums, they have visions of voters on their mind this holiday season.

State Representative Carol Alvarado announced her candidacy surrounded by the Gallegos family and with their blessing.

Former County Commissioner Sylvia Garcia announced her candidacy surrounded by volunteers and loyal supporters.

Both candidates enter the fray with sizable campaign warchests and a strong work, campaign ethic.

Has the field rounded out yet, though? Republican nominee R.W. Bray said he intends to run again as well but that is a bit of a sleeper. Even though he would have a better chance in a special, he is still not likely to garner many votes in this strong Latino district.

Rick Noriega is evaluating his interest in seeking the seat and considering a run. He is a former State Representative and was the U.S. Senate nominee for the Democrats in the past. He has deep east end roots and his wife, Melissa Noriega, is currently an At-Large member of the Houston City Council. Either of them would toss an interesting twist into this already competitive race. If they don’t enter, watch to see if they make an endorsement.

Meanwhile, in Austin, the Governor remains silent on his plans for calling the Special Election. The start of the Legislative session is quickly approaching. Will the East End have representation or will they have taxation without representation?


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