It’s a busy day in the world of politics. The first Presidential primaries will be held today in the form of the Iowa caucuses. Iowan Republicans will flock to their caucuses to set the tone for the Republican candidates.

Rick Santorum has become the flavor the week just in time for the caucuses and appears to have some momentum. However, it is projected that Mitt Romney will still secure the most delegates while Ron Paul is in second place.

Iowans will trudge through the snow and cold to participate in the most basic of American privileges – choosing their nominee for President.

Meanwhile, it is Inauguration Day for newly-elected and returning City Council Members. For the first time ever, 16 Council Members will be sworn into office along with the Mayor and City Controller. Seven of the 16 will be new to the Council table and it will be fun to watch them as they take office.

The new Council Members have spent the last few weeks learning about City departments and operations and should be prepared to go right to work. It’s a good thing they studied as they will face many important issues in the coming weeks.

Mayor Parker will give her second Inaugural address which is anticipated to highlight first term successes and provide her vision for moving forward.

Today is nirvana for politicos across the United States as we will catch our first glimpse into what Republicans are actually thinking versus all the polls and pundits. We’ll meet a new City Council and learn more about the direction of local government.

Stay tuned for outcomes tomorrow.

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