Let’s Talk Houston – Mayoral Theory


While the 2014 elections are in full swing, many are turning their thoughts to the City of Houston elections in 2015. Mayor Parker is term-limited and will not be able to seek election.

While we have shared our theory for the next Mayoral election previously, we wanted to recap it again.

This blogger has been observing city elections since the mid-70’s. If we just focus in on the last 30 years, we can see a distinct pattern emerge.

Kathy Whitmire was elected in 1981 and became the first female Mayor of Houston. She was defeated (prior to term limits) and replaced by Mayor Bob Lanier. We followed a first with a well-heeled business leader. Then Lee P. Brown was elected our first African-American Mayor. He was followed by another well-heeled white male business leader in Bill White. Annise Parker is the first gay Mayor of Houston. If the theory follows, we should be expecting a well-heeled business leader to lead the next election.

Throughout this week, we will discuss the currently announced candidates and some who may be considering a run but have not readied to go public. The city window for fundraising actually opens on February 1. We have time but the race is actually beginning to heat up.

As we analyze the race, let’s keep the Sims theory in mind. Will we break the pattern?

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  1. I so look forward to your insights in this conversation as someone who has been around with you – and even longer – and has more than a few of my own. thanks for this time of year dear Nancy – as always this is the time of year when things get interesting , get personal, and usually get nasty because foks know each other so well….and never underestimate the power of all those connections on the vialility of candidacies.

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