Political Lessons from Facebook – Endorsements


This blogger has learned a tough lesson recently.  It has been my practice to “like” multiple candidate pages on Facebook.  As a blogger and periodic radio commentator, I have felt that it was my duty to view the way campaigns engage in social media.

In fact, the Social Media Director at the paying job and I have occasionally analyzed social media engagement of the various campaigns and we plan to do that again this year

For these reasons, I have liked many of the candidate pages on Facebook and follow many political figures on Twitter, Instagram and more.  In some cases, I have been friends with candidates for years prior to their running for office.

But I have learned my lesson.  It seems that Ben Hall’s campaign for Mayor has purchased Facebook advertising.  Kudos to him and their team.  I’m sure this is a valuable way to enhance their followers.  However, these ads have been telling a number of people that I “like” Ben Hall and they should too.  Since I have a high volume of Facebook contacts that includes a vast array of friends, professional associates, clients, current and former students, and many more, I have been asked repeatedly why I’m endorsing Ben Hall.

I could not understand why this was happening until one of my close friends explained to me the way it appeared on her Facebook feed.  I immediately responded with “I liked Annise Parker too!”  But her campaign is not advertising so no one seems to know.

This is a good opportunity to reiterate that this blog nor its author make public endorsements in any campaigns.  As a long-time political observer and formerly an activist, I have truly arrived at the point in my life when analysis is my preferred path of thinking.  I try to share an objective point of view that brings in my years of experience, political science education and general knowledge of state and local politics and government.

Let me be clear – I have not endorsed anyone in the Mayor’s race.  I will continue to bring you the best objective analysis of the race.  I appreciate your reading of my blog.

And finally, let me just say that even an ole’ pro like me can periodically be tripped up by the new technologies.




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